Delta Alpha

at University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse

Parents FAQ

Q. I am worried about the Greek life stereotypes I have heard about.
Unfortunately, individuals without complete information often define the image of Greek life. Since only 2% of the U.S. population is Greek, most people don't have first-hand experience and stereotypes are the norm. Greek organizations do hold social events, but most of these do not include alcohol. These "social" events include educational programs/workshops, community service events, intramural sports, Parent's Days, Homecoming and Greek Week.

Q. What is hazing and does Alpha Xi Delta haze?
Hazing is when any person or group inflicts or intends to inflict physical or mental harm to another individual. Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity, as well as most universities, has zero tolerance for hazing. Chapters found guilty of hazing may lose University recognition and their members may face possible legal ramifications. 

Q. How much time does my daughter have to commit to Alpha Xi Delta?
The time commitment varies chapter to chapter as well as where a student is in their membership. For example, a New Member goes through an intensive educational program to learn the ins and outs of the chapter before they are initiated. However, an initiated Sister may attend chapter meetings once a week and participate in all other activities at will.

Q. If my daughter joins a sorority, will her grades suffer?
Alpha Xi Delta has resources available to help your daughter academically. Greek membership offers scholarship programs that may include study partners, mandatory study hours, and time management and study skill workshops. Students can also access the network of chapter members who already know how to use campus resources like the library, study skills center, computer labs and academic advisors. Nothing, however, can take the place of a disciplined and academically focused student to ensure success in college.

Q. Does my daughter have to live in the chapter house?

Delta Alpha does not have off campus, Greek official, housing in La Crosse, Wi. Many women do choose to live in groups together, however. We provide plenty of opportunities to bond despite not living together!

Q. What is my daughter going to gain from being in Alpha Xi Delta?

She will only become stronger as a woman, and create lifelong friendships in the making. She will realize her potential through leadership opportunities, creating bonds, and serving Autism Speaks and the La Crosse community. The skills she acquires will be highly useful in her post-college career and she will be pushed out of her comfort zone in the best and most productive ways possible! Your daughter will cherish the memories she makes for the rest of her life, and feel like she came out of college as a more well rounded and supported person!

Q. How can I be involved in her experience with Alpha Xi Delta?

Each semester a parent newsletter will be sent to you, updating you on the accomplishments, activities, and events we experienced as a sorority! We also hold one parent event each semester that involves the parents and/or family of each sister! It's a great opportunity to network with other parents of Alpha Xi Delta girls!