Alpha Xi Delta

Delta Alpha at University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse

Letter From Membership Vice President

Dear Potential New Sister,

Hey there! My name is Ashley Lardy, and I am Alpha Xi Delta’s Membership Vice President at UW-La Crosse. First of all, I would like to start by extending you a warm welcome to our page! I am so excited that you are thinking of joining sorority life!

Being a part of a sorority is such an amazing way to get involved on campus, grow as a leader, make lifelong friends, and find a home away from home. In joining sorority life, no matter which chapter you choose, you will be surrounded by sisters who will empower you to be the best version of yourself and who will be there for you through it all.

I’m so excited you’re reading this letter at this particular moment, because you have the great opportunity of going through fall recruitment in September! This is a super fun process where you meet other amazing women and learn more about each chapter and where you may find your home in sorority life! There is also more information about dates and what goes into each night of fall recruitment on

Alpha Xi Delta is an organization whose values are sisterhood, leadership, scholarship and service. These values are kept close to all our hearts as we try to empower each other and ourselves to realize our potential in our daily lives. We strive to keep these values close to us in all that we do, from hosting philanthropy events to support our national philanthropy, Autism Speaks, to holding retreats and sisterhood events for our sisters to bond and grow closer with one another. Here at Alpha Xi Delta we focus on leadership by offering a plethora of officer positions and workshops. Academics are extremely important to us as well, as we focus on being students first: we make sure each sister feels supported to be the best student that she can be, from offering various academic resources, study dates, and appointments with our academic advisor.

For more on our values and what it means to be an Alpha Xi Delta, look no farther than something we call The Symphony. The Symphony is something that I, and all of my sisters, strive to live by each and every day as it is meaningful to each and every one of us. Our Symphony is as follows:

“These things do we earnestly desire: A clear vision of life, that with gracious and kindly hearts we may share both joy and sorrow and bring into living reality the sisterhood of women. An appreciation of real merit and worth, steadfastness of soul, that without bitterness or defeat we may encounter misfortune and with humility meet success. These things, O Lord, help us to instill within our hearts that we may grow in courage and graciousness and peace.”

What I gained from Alpha Xi Delta is hard to put into words, because it has had such a huge and positive impact on my life. My experiences in Alpha Xi Delta have shaped me into a stronger woman, a stronger leader, a stronger friend and a stronger sister. Alpha Xi Delta has empowered me to grow in ways I could not imagine and cultivate friendships that will last a lifetime. The friends that I have made in Alpha Xi Delta are lifelong, and I am so grateful that they have been there by my side the last few years, to laugh with, to cry with, to eat pizza with, and to grow with. I am so incredibly grateful to belong to an organization that fosters such strong relationships between its members and focuses on personal development of its members. Alpha Xi Delta inspires and encourages its women to realize their potential, and I am so excited for fall recruitment (I hope to see you there!) and the years to come with Alpha Xi. Alpha Xi Delta membership isn’t four years, it’s for life!

If you have any Alpha Xi Delta related questions, please feel free to email me at!

Alpha Xi Delta participates in Panhellenic recruitment each fall at UW-La Crosse. To learn more about the Panhellenic recruitment process, contact, or visit to stay updated on fall formal recruitment information, granting you the opportunity to learn more about all three sororities on our campus and the Panhellenic community as a whole.

On behalf of the entire Delta Alpha chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, thank you so much for learning more about our organization and sorority life! We would love to get to know you and help you find your home in Greek life.

I can’t wait to meet you!

All Xi Love,

Ashley Lardy